Our Budgeting posts so far have shown you the budget overview, common mistakes, goal setting, types of costs and creating your budget. This post will show you how to evaluate your budget and the process. Your budget should be reviewed periodically and while there is no magic number of times to review your budget in a given … Continue reading Budgeting-Evaluation


We have already covered budget overview, common mistakes, goal setting and types of costs; now its time for the actual budget creation. There are three very general steps to budget creation: 1) Estimate Revenues 2) Estimate expenses based on their cost driver 3) Use these estimates to form your static budget The revenue estimation is … Continue reading Budgeting-Creation

Budgeting-Cost Types

We have already discussed the Budgeting Overview, Budgeting Common Mistakes, and Budgeting-Goals. After setting your goals, you move onto the planning phase of budget creation.  To really be able to plan your budget, you have to understand what you are planning. Today, we are going to take a look at types of costs and how they affect … Continue reading Budgeting-Cost Types


Budgeting Overview discussed the budgeting process and Budgeting Common Mistakes detailed common mistakes made in the process, this post discusses the first step in the process-goal setting. Goal setting is the first step in the budgeting process and also one of the most overlooked. Budgets need to be created with a purpose and that purpose should be … Continue reading Budgeting-Goals

Budgeting Common Mistakes

In Budgeting Overview, we reviewed the overall process to creating a budget. Today we will focus on common mistakes made when budgeting and what problems they create. We have isolated four common mistakes and the problems that they create below: The Copy and Paste This mistake occurs when you “copy” last year's budget and “paste” it … Continue reading Budgeting Common Mistakes