Sales Projections for New Retail Businesses

Sales projections can be one of the most difficult tasks facing new business owners. After all, we don’t have a crystal ball to tell us how popular our products will be with customers or how long it will take for them to realize that we even exist. Sales projections for new businesses can be about … Continue reading Sales Projections for New Retail Businesses

QuickBooks Online – Adding Sub Customers

Are you looking for an easy way to track your sales based on various customer jobs or locations? Typically, you set up a customer in QuickBooks and assign sales directly to them, but what if your customer has multiple jobs that you want to keep separate? The easiest way to track this activity is through … Continue reading QuickBooks Online – Adding Sub Customers

QuickBooks Training: Loan Manager

Debt repayment is one of the most common transactions for entry into your bookkeeping system. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult to track since it has both a principal and an interest component. Often times it isn't extremely clear how much you are paying in principal vs interest with each payment but luckily QuickBooks has … Continue reading QuickBooks Training: Loan Manager


Our Budgeting posts so far have shown you the budget overview, common mistakes, goal setting, types of costs and creating your budget. This post will show you how to evaluate your budget and the process. Your budget should be reviewed periodically and while there is no magic number of times to review your budget in a given … Continue reading Budgeting-Evaluation