Core Business Ideals

  1. Communication– The best communication is timely. Our relationship will hinge on how well we communicate, and I try to make that as easy as possible. I regularly communicate with clients through text message, email, Skype and other electronic means as well as face to face meetings.
  2. Education-It can be a great relief to have someone who can handle your bookkeeping, payroll and other needs. My goal is to take that a step further and use those services to educate about your financial operations and where your business is heading. It’s great to know what your business has done in the past, but the education will help you put a plan into place for your future.
  3. Affordability-I believe that small businesses are the backbone of our communities and they need access professional services. I started this business because I’ve seen so many people struggle through their business lives without this access. I believe in keeping my services affordable for all small businesses.

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